'Karkidaka Kanji' - (Navara rice) Monsoon medicinal porridge




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An Ayurvedic immunity booster Navara porridge - Kerala's rejuvenation secret for monsoon illnesses.

Wayanaden’s Organic Navara Rice is sourced from Black glumed Navara, which is valued in Ayurveda for its medicinal qualities. Navara is used as nutritional rice and health food. 

Navara Rice can be consumed as a regular meal (COOKED rice or porridge) to reduce the carbohydrates in your diet by replacing white rice (carb rich) with Navara rice which is protein-rich. Doctors may recommend Navara Rice for diabetes patients due to its lower Glycemic Index.

Karkidaka Kanji / Oushadha Kanji / Medicinal monsoon porridge is another way to consume Navara rice/ shashtika rice. This is a unique and traditional medicinal/ ayurvedic porridge popular in the South Indian state - Kerala during the Monsoon season.

As a culture steeped in Ayurvedic tradition in Kerala, Karkidakam is also considered the right time to undergo any Ayurvedic treatments because the body is most receptive to these treatments at this time. Even if you have no ailments, Karkidakam lets you rest and relax. Any relaxation treatments or sukha chikitsa are recommended during this period.

During the period from mid of July – mid of Aug (or Karkidakam, according to the Malayalam calendar) Kerala receives the maximum amount of the southwest monsoon rains and body defenses are perceived to be at their lowest. This month is spent in the rejuvenation of the mind and body.

This month, Navara is included in the diet to help develop immunity and is effective in curing fatigue. The unique combination of herbs, spices and rice in this dish would keep the monsoon fevers at bay. And have a positive effect on some of the common diseases of the rainy season like arthritis, and immune-related diseases.

About 10-12 medicinal plants are used for the Karkidaka Kanji. The number and type of plants and ingredients vary according to the availability and the health condition of the individual. The juice extracted from the plants are mixed with the porridge while it is being prepared. This is a special diet in Ayurveda which is good for people of all age groups as it would help to improve immunity and acts as a detoxifying agent.

Navara is also used for external applications under Panchakarma treatment. Ayurvedic physicians use Navara for a wide range of ailments including strengthening the nerves, relieving arthritis and curing neurological complaints. It nourishes the tissues, softens the skin and enhances the complexion.

A complete ayurvedic immune booster porridge with Wayanaden’s navara rice.

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