Raw Honey - Facts & Myths

Raw Honey - Facts & Myths

Raw Honey has been in the limelight for a while now, and there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about raw honey. Let’s put things in the right place and unmask the few biggest raw honey facts vs myths.
1. Crystallized honey is spoiled honey- Myth
There’s a lot of misconception when it comes to crystallization, also known as granulation. Crystallization is a natural process that raw honey goes through in order to preserve itself. That’s right. Just because your jar of honey is crystallized, does not mean you need to throw it out.
Only pure Honey solidifies either partially or wholly depending on the weather conditions. Most brands heat and machine filter the Honey just to ensure that it does not solidify. Unfortunately this heating destroys all the nutrients in Honey and makes it a mere sugar syrup.
Only Honey that are unprocessed tends to solidify but generally consumers have this misconception that solidification is a sign of adulteration which is not the fact.
Granulation occurs due to honey’s natural composition. Raw honey has a little water content and quite a bit of natural sugars. Because of its saturation, the glucose often manages to separate itself from the water and cause the formation of crystals. However, raw honey is a magical food and remains both nutritious and tasty when it is stored properly and safely.
2. Raw Honey is a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners and table
sugar- Fact
Raw Honey contains healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that artificial sugars don’t have. Since honey is sweeter than table sugar, you can use less to achieve the same effect and still have a natural, healthier option. Always choose raw honey which are collected from wild or organic raw honey to ensure there are no added sugar, preservatives, antibiotic content, fillers etc that may be traced in most of the farmed honey and honey sold by commercial brands.
3. White “foam” means the honey has gone bad- Myth
The white “foam” that appears at the top of raw honey is simply air. This “foam” is a result of tiny air bubbles in the honey escaping to the top of the bottle. The white foam that you see sometimes on the raw honey occurs when pure honey has been sitting a while. In fact, the appearance of foam is an indication that the raw honey is pure and fresh. So next time you see this, don’t throw out your honey!
There is a common misconception that if the top of the honey is covered in white foam, the product has gone bad. Different grades of honey come in different colors.
Bees around the world harvest different bushes and flowers. Each honey carries its own color, scent, sweetness and thickness. Soil and climate can also play a role in determining the color of the honey.
4. Raw Honey is great for skin care- Fact
Honey can be a great all-natural way to give your skin the glow you’ve been looking for. Since it’s naturally hydrating, honey is the perfect ingredient to add to your daily skin care routine cleanses pores and acts as a gentle exfoliator restoring hydration to the deepest layers of sun-exposed skin.
As a natural product, raw honey can work miracles for your skin and also to be able to treat skin infections. The industry has gone as far as to create bandages with honey that help heal open wounds faster. The reason honey is so good for your skin is because of its high anti-bacterial properties. It has the ability to restore damaged skin cells like no other natural product.
5. Honey is gluten-free- Fact
There is no doubt about that. Honey contains absolutely no wheat, rye, barley or oats. This makes honey a naturally gluten free product.
6. It’s dangerous to use metal spoons with raw honey- Myth
This is an old wives’ tale that won’t go away. While honey is acidic, scooping your honey with a metal spoon is such a quick movement that corrosion of the metal is unlikely. However, stainless steel is a good option.
7. Raw Honey can treat wounds- Fact
Up until the early 20th century honey was used as a conventional therapy in fighting infection. Honey naturally contains antioxidants and antibacterial and anti fungal properties that make it ideal for healing.
8. All bees produce honey- Myth
There are nearly 20,000 known bee species in the world. From this number, only 5 percent make edible honey. Only honey bees and sting-less bees produce enough honey to make harvesting worth it. One of many reasons why we should be more careful how we treat our precious bees.
9. Honey is the only food source produced by an insect that humans
Out of the more than 950,000 known insect species in the world, honey bees are the only insect to produce edible food for humans.
10. Raw Honey helps soothe a sore throat-Fact
The next time your throat is aching, grab your honey bottle. Homemade remedies have long used honey to help aide the symptoms of sore throats. Raw Honey acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling. The enzymes in raw honey fight bacteria which makes it an effective and safe alternative to other cough suppressants for adults and children. This is one of the top raw honey fact which used in day to day life.
11.Children should not eat raw honey-Myth
Honey is a perfect alternative to sugary snacks for children. However, it is recommended that you do not feed honey to children below one year old as they won’t be able to digest it.
12. Raw Honey is a great source of natural energy- Fact
Honey’s composition of carbohydrates and glucose levels result in longer lasting energy. Carbohydrates are the primary fuel we use for our energy and are necessary in our diet to help maintain muscle glycogen.
13. Raw Honey never goes bad- Fact
We repeatedly state that honey never spoils. However, raw honey can lose its aroma and flavor if it’s not stored properly. When honey is stored in a sealed container, it can stay spoil free for several if not thousands of years. Because of honey’s composition, it absorbs moisture like a sponge. As with anything else when water is added, it spoils. Properly preserved raw honey retains its quality for much longer than the “best by date” printed on bottles.
14.Thick Honey better than Runny Honey -Myth
Viscosity is not a way to judge whether your honey is raw or has been pasteurized. “Raw” does not always equate with “thick” honey. The viscosity of honey depends on various factors like nectar source, weather, humidity, rainfall, soil, landscape, the flowers and the bees forage. Especially when the surrounding has moisture content and humidity there is a tendency to become runny honey. Hence, watery honey is not always a sign of adulteration.Thus viscosity should not be considered as a deciding factor of honey quality.
15. It's best to mix raw honey in hot water - Myth
No, this is another myth, too. When you add super hot water to your honey this will reduce its flavor and aroma. It can also destroy some of the natural enzymes in honey that are healthy for you. Use only warm water.
16.Doctors recommend consuming at least one portion of raw honey per
Yes, doctors and nutritionists have both recommended that you consume a portion of honey per day. You’ve heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well the same is true for raw organic honey. Raw Honey is packed with nutrition, which will help keep your body healthy.
17.Darker Honey Means the Honey has Gone bad and isn’t as Good as Lighter Honey - Myth
Honey comes in all colors and flavors. The color, taste and even scent can vary widely depending on the source of the flower nectar, region, soil and climate. Warmer temperatures, storage and age also tend to darken the honey and change the flavor. Honey has a variety of flavors and the colors. Thus depending on the source of the flower nectar, region, soil and climate, the color, taste, and scent can vary to a great extent.
18.Raw honey varies in taste and color throughout the year- Fact
Taste, color and texture are determined by the nectar source, the bees gather. Raw honey is totally different compared to the commercial brand honey. Due to various processes commercial brand honey tastes the same in every bottle. But raw honey will taste different each time you buy.
Raw honey can vary in color from very dark to almost colorless depending on floral source.  Warmer temperatures, storage and age also tend to darken the honey and change the flavor.  
Texture can be dependent on the floral source. This is caused by the difference in properties of the nectar source.  Some have a much lower water content and vary in it’s natural composition.
19.Wild raw honey is a better option compared to the other honey -Fact
Wild honey is always a better option as it is directly collected from the Forest, there won’t be any added sugar, antibiotic substances etc. In the Wild, due to the absence of farm land, human settlements or industrial activity, contaminants like pesticides, antibiotics and other affluents are completely absent in wild collected honey. Additionally the bees may collect some of the nectar from medicinal plants which adds to wild honeys healing properties . As it is raw, unheated, unfiltered it will retain all its natural goodness.
20.Real Honey don’t attract ants -Myth
All honey eventually will attract ants. Ants will eat anything that is nutritious and in its natural state be it with or without sugar. Well, these creatures are cleverer than us and they will not touch anything that’s been laced with chemicals or anything artificial/synthetic.
Ants are attracted to moisture (food with moisture). So different honey will start attracting ants at different stages. and different brands too, depending on how much moisture is in than authentic natural honey. Honey is a food that ants do eat in the wild.
Raw Honey not only is a healthier sweetener, but a power packed super food which has amazing health benefits. Always raw organic honey or raw wild honey is a better option than farmed honey and commercial brands honey. As there are possibilities to trace more added sugar, antibiotic substances, fillers etc in farmed honey and commercial brands honey. Once it’s pasteurized/heated(for more shelf life) or filtered, honey will loose all its goodness. So raw organic honey or wild raw honey are usually expensive than the farmed honey or the commercial brands honey due to the above reason. Always choose wisely when you purchase your honey to make sure that you receive all its natural goodness.
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