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Why is WAYANADEN Wild Forest Honey and Stingless Bee Honey, raw and not processed?

The word raw means uncooked. You may wonder how that relates to honey. When you purchase honey, make sure it's labeled raw. Honey that is not raw will be highly processed. Processing, means heating honey to increase its shelf life, enable easy bottling, filtering and even using fillers to meet large quantity production targets. Mostly the honey that is sold in supermarkets, farmed honey involves these harsh processes, that results in the honey losing all its naturally occurring minerals and enzymes.
Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal tradition from India, declares that raw honey is the most remarkable gift from nature. Honey is a remedy for various digestion related issues and good for all the organs in the human body. It is also good to treat various diseases internally and externally.
Raw honey is collected fresh from the hives where the bees collect nectar, a sweet liquid produced by flowers to encourage pollination. Raw honey is unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. This preserves all its natural goodness! You will understand the difference once you consume Wayanaden’s Wild Forest Honey or Stingless Bee Honey, as they have a unique taste. You will experience a rich, refreshing feel in your throat. Supermarket honey lacks this flavor or mostly tastes like sugar syrup.
According to the Charaka Samhita, an ancient text on Ayurveda, its recorded that aged raw honey has healing and detoxifying benefits. Various scientific studies have concluded that heating raw foods may lead to a change in their molecular structure and results in a loss of their ”life force”.
The purest form of raw honey benefits from several enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals. When the honey is heated and processed most of the natural goodness in honey, disappears. The giant honey producers use harsh processing techniques in order to make the honey visually appealing and attractive to the consumers. They may even add synthetic or filler materials like corn syrup to meet the high demand and to sell at low prices.
These processes may give the liquid a clear texture but result in the loss of all its natural and medicinal benefits. Commercial honey looks and tastes the same each time, and are cheap, as they are most often not 100 % real honey. Such honey includes glucose and fructose plus added preservatives and stabilizers.
Always make sure that you purchase honey from local or natural honey hunters to avoid consuming honey with high toxins, antibiotics etc that are usually seen in honey that is mass produced and even in farmed honey. Its hard to find pure and real honey these days due to its short supply. One should trust a honey supplier only after seeing the quality test result of the honey. Else, you may get cheated.
Wayanden raw wild forest honey and stingless bee honey, are directly collected from the tribal communities of the Western Ghats. The honey hunters of the Western Ghats use time tested traditional techniques to collect honey without losing any of its natural medicinal properties. You may find fine crystals, bee pollen, honeycomb bits and even broken bee wing particles, but they are safe to eat. The color or texture of the honey may differ each time as it is obtained through a natural, traditional and seasonal process.
Wayanaden’s wild forest honey and stingless bee honey are cloudier, has a high antioxidant level and may even crystallize to a thick consistency very soon. You just need to place the bottle in sunlight or warm water to liquefy it. No artificial flavors or synthetic sugar is ever added.
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