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Raw Honey | Wild Forest Honey | Wild Honey | Pure Honey

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250g Pouch (BPA Free, Food-Grade Safe Pouches)


Wayanaden’s pure honey is wild collected honey from the forest. Our raw honey also called as sweet honey comes from the hives of the Giant Honey Bee or Apis Dorsata, or the Indian Rock Bee in the Western Ghats. They mainly build their hives far off the ground on tall tropical trees and under cliff overhangs. The pure multi-floral honey we sell is gathered by the honey hunting tribes of India’s Western Ghats, following millennia old tradition of collecting pure honey.

It is raw, untreated, unheated and unfiltered. Any accumulated particles on the surface are a result of the traditional gathering process. Wayanaden's pure honey is safe to eat.

Store at room temperature. If the raw honey crystallizes, place the bottle in sunlight or warm water to liquefy it.

Every season, our honey tastes different:

Wayanaden's raw honey is seasonally unique because all our collection and processing methods are 100% natural. Hence, the color, taste, and texture change all through the year – depending on the major floral variety of the season. In order to retain its natural goodness, we don't add any preservatives or we don't process it or heat it. Each honey's taste and its viscosity differs from each other, according to the place it is collected from and depends according to the weather, type of bee, moisture etc.


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