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Moringa Powder | Moringa | Organic Moringa Powder

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  • Pure Moringa Powder with all its natural goodness.
  • Sourced directly from organic farmers 
  • WAYANADEN's Moringa is grown in WAYANAD, KERALA.
  • Wayanaden Moringa is best in its quality as its grown organically in Wayanad, Kerala which is a high altitude region, with cool climate, abundant rainfall, better quality soil.

Supercharge your morning smoothies, shakes or curries with Wayanaden's Organic Moringa Powder. Moringa has a green, earthy taste - similar to spinach or matcha green tea. Moringa Powder is delicious mixed into food or drinks for a nutrient boost.

Moringa Oleifera (DRUMSTICK TREE) is called "the miracle tree" because moringa leaves contain insane levels of nutrients. One tablespoon of moringa powder contains more nutritional value then a giant mountain of Spinach. Moringa powder is a natural energy booster too. In fact, the World Health Organization and other charitable organizations have used Moringa Oleifera for decades to treat malnutrition in Third World countries.

Wayanaden's Organic Moringa Powder is cultivated with care by organic farmers in Kerala's Wayanad.


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