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Can Raw Moringa powder be used in food?

Yes, you can add Raw Moringa Powder directly in food by sprinkling it over a salad, hot food, or hot cereal. You can also make a salad dressing with it.


People who know how to use moringa powder says you should never cook (heat or boil) with pure Moringa powder because it kills all the enzymes, chlorophyll and nutrient density of the plant. Its always better to be used in its natural RAW form.

In Kerala - India, Moringa leaves are consumed alot. We typically use the fresh leaves for cooking. For the ease of consumption, better shelf life & storage and for people in cities who do not get fresh moringa leaves, we sell Organically cultivated moringa powder.

The powdered form is equally good, compared to the fresh moringa leaves. Moringa Powder is a true nutritional powerhouse that the whole family can enjoy.

The moringa powder can be mixed with savory sauses, in stews,soups, sabzi's, into hot millet, cereal meals, smoothies etc. So after you prepare/cook a dish, just mix the moringa powder in it.

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