Is it safe to use Kasturi Turmeric powder on babies' skin?

Is it safe to use Kasturi Turmeric powder on babies' skin?

Yes, Original Kasturi Manjal is safe for babies'. Wayanaden sells only Original Kasturi Turmeric powder - Cream coloured Kasturi Turmeric and not yellow. The cream colored Kasturi manjal or kasturi haldi is rare and not commonly available in market. It smells like kasturi (musk). Original kasturi turmeric face pack does not stain skin like regular turmeric and is very fragrant than the normal turmeric. It has a cream/light brown color and it gives an instant cooling sensation.

Wayanaden sells only organically cultivated products, ie no chemicals used in entire lifecycle and from USDA certified farmers. Our original Kasturi turmeric or Curcuma aromatica / Musk Turmeric / Wild Turmeric /Jangli Haldi is 100% natural and it is handpicked from organic farms of western ghats, Wayanad.

It is all natural and pure Kasturi Turmeric. Nothing else added. It is just powdered Kasturi Turmeric. We recommend to do a patch test before using. As everyones skin type is different, the results may vary. 

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