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Kasturi Turmeric vs Curcumin Turmeric

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Kasturi Manjal (curcuma aromatica) is NOT used for cooking, it is used for external application. The cream color kasturi manjal / kasturi haldi powder is the real / original one and its expensive. 
The cream colored powder of Kasturi manjal or kasturi haldi is rare and not commonly available in market. It smells like kasturi (musk). When applying a turmeric face pack made with Kasturi haldi, there will not be any burning sensation on skin. Natural kasturi turmeric face pack does not stain skin like regular turmeric, and is very fragrant than the normal turmeric.
Our Curcumin Turmeric is used for cooking, or to consume it raw with raw honey or cold pressed virgin coconut oil for better immune. Curcumin is also responsible for the countless benefits turmeric is associated with, such as detoxifying the liver, fighting inflammation and free radicals, boosting brainpower, and lowering cholesterol. It’s worth including Organic curcumin turmeric, the super spice in your daily diet.
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