Why choose Curcumin - Unextracted Turmeric Powder?

Always buy curcumin unextracted organic turmeric powder for best results. Avoid supermarket brands since curcumin has already been extracted from them.

Not all Turmeric you buy from your grocery store / Turmeric powders of various brands, can guarantee enhancement of your health and for Immune Boost.

Most brands extract the curcumin and sell it separately for higher price and rest is what you get to use as Turmeric powder.

Buy only from organically cultivated brands (to avoid pesticide residues), who mention " Curcumin Unextracted or Curcumin rich", and has high curcumin level of > 5%.

It's not the Turmeric that does miracles, but it is the Curcumin, a natural component in the rhizome of Turmeric ( Curcuma Longa ) gives you the health benefits.

It helps you reduce inflammation, joint pain, an anticancer agent, better digestion, immune booster etc.

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