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Why is Stingless Bee Honey the miracle cure of Melipona?

Stingless bee honey is a treasure found in nature. It has long been a solution for various ailments. In Kerala, it is traditionally collected by the tribal communities of Western Ghats. They call this honey as Cheruthen. "cheru"- meaning small and "then" meaning honey or In other words Small honey. This raw, untreated, pure honey is harvested from the hives of Melipona Bee. It is also called Melipona Honey due. The Melipona bee or stingless bee is a small species of bee adept at sucking nectar from the smallest of flowers and their deepest crevices of the flowers. As such, this honey is said to have twice as many nutritious properties compared to the honey produced by other varieties of bees. Stingless Bee Honey / Melipona Bee Honey is used as a natural medicine since ages, due to its medicinal properties. The almost miraculous healing properties of this honey are perhaps why the locals refer to it as the elixir of gods. Stingless Bee honey is a healing gift from nature. It has been found that this honey could be beneficial for people with dry skin and in wound healing. This could be due to the fact that, the hygroscopic natural state of honey with its very low water content property causes it to absorb moisture on exposure to air. When applied on dry skin by this is perhaps what aid is moisture retention and accelerating wound healing.
Various Research studies has shown the significant antibacterial, anti-fungal and wound-healing capabilities of honey. It is said, the darker the honey, the higher the content of antioxidant properties. Both light colored and dark varieties of honey are still rich source of valuable antioxidants. Antioxidants slow free radicals and accelerate new tissue growth. Antioxidants help in healing damaged tissues and also helps skin appear younger and more radiant. It has proven beneficial remedies in reducing the risk of heart diseases, stroke and a few types of cancer. Various studies conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) have shown that honey has natural medicinal properties to relieve throat inflammation. Honey is also a nutritional powerhouse, containing numerous vitamins and minerals and also helps prevent the growth of bacteria’s . It is also been shown that honey has a major impact in reducing the blood cholesterol level and act as an aid for weight management with its tremendous ability to increase the body’s metabolism and act as an energy booster.
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